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Friend of the Court
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Want to know when you can use specific instances of conduct and when you cannot? Come hear Judge Randy Tahvonen tell us. Evidence In The Courtroom.

This session surveys case law on the admissibility of evidence including Facebook posts and twitter feeds, authentication issues relating to such evidence, and limiting instructions to jurors. This seminar will point out the proper procedures for the drafting, filing and argument of motions.

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You will also learn what not to do. Sentencing Law Updates. In December of the Michigan Legislature passed over bills, including bills dealing with crimes and criminal procedure.

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Always informative! Supreme Court Review and Preview. The content, design, development and coordination of the CAP Sessions are made possible through time and in-kind contributions of criminal justice practitioners on the CAP Board of Directors. Speaker Jeremy Henner, defense attorney.

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This temporary coupon is used by individuals to make child support payments. Using this coupon for anything other than its intended use may result in payments . This TEMPORARY coupon is for use by individuals wishing to make child support payments. Using the coupon for anything other than its intended use may.

Investigation : The Friend of the Court is the investigative and enforcement entity of the family division of the Circuit Court with respect to child custody, parenting time and child support. The Friend of the Court provides written reports and recommendations to the Court regarding custody, parenting time and family support issues. The Friend of the Court does not have the authority to investigate abuse or neglect.

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S , in the county where the custodial parent and child ren live. Dispute Resolution : The office of the Friend of the Court provides, both formally and informally, alternative dispute resolution through mediation.

Change of Personal Information. Child Care Verification.

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Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Financial-Case Packet.

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The Friend of the Court has the following duties:. The Friend of the Court has no authority to:. Some specific procedures vary by county.

Child Support Enforcement in Michigan

Friend of the Court W. Family law matters can be difficult and painful. The family division of the circuit court is responsible for resolving the legal concerns which affect your family.